Check out the gallery below for all the terrific submissions to our LEGO in the Real World Challenge! We took our LEGO and minifigs, took them into the real world and snapped some photos. So many fun photos!

AmperUp9 1AmperUp9 3Avernus WorkshopBen1Ben2Brickanista_1Brickanista_2Brickaroo Banzai Real World Challenge 1 - The Adventures of Jhwum Ki-akBrickaroo Banzai Real World Challenge 2 - The Adventures of Jhwum Ki-akBrickaroo Banzai Real World Challenge 3 - The Adventures of Jhwum Ki-akbrickwyrm-1 - Daneen McDermottbrickwyrm-2 - Daneen McDermottBrickwyrm-3 - Daneen McDermottChris Challis 1Chris Challis 2Chris Challis 3Chris Challis 4Chris Challis 5CitrusBricks - Yoshi KCor_nado Minifig in the real world challenge - Corey NokleholmCraftySciurus_realWorld - Ali MaskusDeebo Bricks 1Deebo Bricks 2DeeboBricksBuzzBuzz3FabuFabMKEFlynnGwyneth & OrsonHornberger, AndrewHornberger, JuliaHornberger, PeterJake Animation StudiosJohn Luttrell 1John Luttrell 2John Luttrell 3Kristoffer Koster 1Kristoffer Koster 2Kristoffer Koster 3Matt English .3 - Olde English DecalsMatt English.1 - Olde English Decalsmatt English.2- Olde English DecalsMC Ratminifigchick_supertwins in the real world - minifigchickMisstapkat RealWorld Entry - Kat SipeMonica Berry 1Monica Berry 2Monica Berry 3Monica Berry 3-2Moto01 - MotoMoto02 - MotoMoto03 - MotoMr Elmo ManMrElmo Man 2Niffler27OssorgRichardrichard_1Richard_2Rob KetchersideShane Levanthelegovet_jerm_in _nature - thelegovetWGJLproductions 1WGJLproductions 2WGJLproductions 4WGJLproductions3Zander Cunningham_1Zander Cunningham_2Zander Cunningham_3zarakino_innature - Kim WZiccardi ElenaZiccardi LanaZiccardi RobZiccardi Vanessa