Happy New Year everyone! I’m excited to announce our new schedule for 2021! We have decided to stop doing Monday morning shows to give us more time to focus on larger projects such as our show in the Masterpiece Gallery at LEGO House in Billund this September! However, as a trade off, Flynn will be doing a build only stream every Monday afternoon on Twitch! You can find him there at https://Twitch.tv/tricky_bricks. We’ll still be doing our other three days of the week on YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/trickybricks

So moving forward, our schedule will be as follows:
Monday: 2pm Build Stream w/Flynn on Twitch
Wednesday: 10am Build & Chat w/Richard and Flynn – Interviews, How Tos & History of – YouTube
Friday: 10am Weekly Build Challenge Slideshow – YouTube
Sunday: 10am Group Chat Show w/Holly, Moto, Kara & sometimes Blair! – YouTube