We are so excited to finally be able to launch our very first TrickyLUG collaborative build! The theme is Fab Max: Furry Road, mash up of LEGO’s super cute Fabuland theme and the post-apocalyptic world of the Mad max movies! We’re going to be showing our collaboration at Brick Con, our first official showing as a group!

Here are a few guidelines to go by:
1. Please build in the Fabuland style and color palette! In general, buildings were constructed using Yellow, Green, Red and Blue while other elements like tools and other items utilized additional colors in earth tones.

Fabuland color palette courtesy newelementary.com

If you would like a deeper look into what colors were used where and all the new parts created for the line that still exist today, check out this fantastic series of articles on newelementary.com

2. Your contribution must include a vehicle. Whatever kind of vehicle you want but make it in the style of those post apocalyptic movies.

3. Please limit yourself to 3 photos total. One of them may be a video.

That’s about it! No size limit and you have until Thursday, September 24th at 12pm (noon)PST to turn in your entries!
Entries can be submitted via this Google form OR emailed to challengephotos@trickybricks.com

Reference Material
Here are some helpful links to guide you in your build.
No Fabuland? No Problem! Building in Neo Fabuland style can be achieved with mostly regular bricks. Check out this great article on Harrisbricks all about it. This is also good for general Fabuland stlyes.

You can check out some photos below by FabuFanMKE for inspiration!