Ahoy hoy mateys! The challenge for this fortnight be a collaboration with Llano River Blue!  Aye, In celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day, we’ll be battening down the hatches for some pirate themed builds.

She says, “Come aboard and help us build a Pirate community! Collect your motley crew and build a pirate ship, island, tavern, habitat, etc big or small where Pirates can come together and parrrty like it’s 1699!”
Yo ho ho! For more information on the Instagram side of this challenge, sail on over to @FemmeFromTheBlock! For our YouTube show, be reading on further.
Since Talk Like a Pirate Day is on a Sunday this year, we be swappin’ our regular Friday show with our Sunday recap of the Lego Masters episode. The recap will be on Friday the 17th, as will yer deadline to submit yer builds for this challenge. We will review all yer pirate builds on Talk Like a Pirate Day, Sunday, Sept. 19th.

You can be uploadin’ yer photos to our Google Form Which you can find HERE. This is the preferred method!
If you are unable to use the form, you can be emailing your entry to challengephotos@trickybricks.com.

Some requests
1. Please limit your entries to 3 images!
2. Please name your images the same name as your “Display Name” ie: If you want to be called “CaptainLeg-oMaster” on the show, then name your image CaptainLeg-oMaster.jpg
3. Please be limiting your descriptions to 1-2 short paragraphs. We treasure your stories me hearties, but we want to have time for all the bounteous tales!

Fair winds to ye and make some amazing builds!

Image credit to MonicaBerry, see more on my Instagram here!