Here’s all the info you need for this week’s challenge! It’s the Mash-Up Challenge! Take two genres and mash them together to make something entirely new! Batman meets Harry Potter? LEGO City vs Ninjago? Gremloins meets Greek Mythology? No size limit, use your imagination and have fun.
All entries are due by 5pm PST on Thursday for inclusion in the Friday slideshow!

You can submit your photos through our Google form which you can find HERE. This is the preferred method!
If you are unable to use the form, you can email your entry to

Some requests
1. Please limit your entries to 1-3 images
2. Please name your images the same name as your “Display Name” ie: If you wan to be called “AwsmeLGOMstr47” on the show, then name your image AwsmeLGOMstr47.jpg
3. Please limit your descriptions to 1-2 short paragraphs. We love your stories, but we want to have time for all of them!

Have fun with this and make amazing builds!