Ahoy hoy! Minifigchick here to talk about the first LEGO convention of 2021 – BricksLA! It takes place for the public on Saturday-Sunday 1/9-1/10, and for AFOLs from Thursday-Sunday 1/8-1/10. Plus an extra Disneyland day on Monday 1/11 – read through the article for details.

BricksLA 2021 is virtual this year and has three levels of attendance: FREE, VIB (Very Important Builder) Standard ($5.00), or VIB Plus ($20.00 plus shipping). FREE is open to view the public MOC displays, while the VIB tiers offer opportunities to receive swag, show off MOCs, participate in games, discussions, socials, etc. Details are on the website: http://www.bricksla.com/

And now for the really fun stuff!
As a VIB you can submit MOCs to be seen and admired, as well as potentially win a prize! TrickyBricks/TrickyLUG will be submitting our FabMax collab. In addition, there’s a new theme category “SigFig Boxes” that we’re encouraging TrickyLUGgers to enter. It would be extra awesome if you used a TrickyBricks or TrickyLUG brick!

SigFig Box (from the BricksLA website)
A SigFig box is a little habitat for your signature figure, a LEGO representation of you. Your box should feature your figure and anything else that represents you. Each SigFig box should be 8×8 studs, with a one stud border all the way around the edge and 6×6 stud interior space. They can be any depth. They can be built studs out, studs up, Please upload a clear photo head-on, with no markings, so that they can all be edited together. Our very own Naomi/ Brickanista has created the sample on the right showing how you might make a box incorporating a TrickyLUG brick.

by Brickanista

Simply submit them as an individual MOC using your own registered account. If you use a TrickyBricks/TrickyLUG brick it will be that we’re a group. If you can’t or don’t want to attend BLA but would still like to contribute to the TrickyLUG SigFigs, you can email your photos to trickylug@gmail.com, and we’ll make sure to incorporate your pics in our submission.

Disneyland BrickDay
If you’re a registered VIB attendee you can also attend BrickDay! BricksLA is geographically very close to Disneyland and many BLA peeps have made a habit of visiting DL on the Monday after the con. We usually start the day with a trip to the LEGO store in Downtown Disney, then we plan a late morning photo op in front of the castle. We do rides, snacks, photo ops, etc., and finally late in the day a fried chicken dinner at the Plaza Inn. Obviously we can’t experience any of the above this year, but we’re still hoping to enjoy some Disney magic together.

Hope to see you there!